Thursday, May 04, 2006

Week 7 Reading

"Organization Man: Joe Trippi Reinvents Campaigning" from The New Republican Online, by Noem Scheiber has an interesting quote that I think relates more than to just politics. The article says,
"But Trippi is first and foremost an organizer--a man who has spent much of his career making sure the right number of bodies turn up on Election Day. 'That's the way [organizers] think,' says Beckel. 'They think about moving votes. In his case, where do you find [the votes]? Who are they? Where do they stand? If they're with us, get them; if they're not with us, forget about them.'"

This can also relate to any business. Companies want people to buy their product, owners want fans in their stadium and TV producers want people watching their show. It's interesting how this strictly discusses politics while it can really apply to all aspects of the marketplace.

It's amazing the success that Trippi and the Dean Campaign had with the internet. As a good way to compile names and raise the necessary money to try to win a major election, the internet has become the primary medium to reach voters.

The Role of the Internet in National and Local News Media Use” from Journal of Online Behavior suggests that the internet has become the medium that more and more people are using for their political information. The Internet's takeover of basic print media seems inevitable in all facets and will eventually wipe out the print media.

1. How will the internet continue to play a role in political campaigns?

2. As a voter, what is the most effective way you are reached by a political campaign?

Is the Internet now your source for political information? Explain.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Angela said...

I agree, it is amazing what Trippi did for the Dean Campaign in 2004. His use of blogs and the internet were a fatastic tool for helping him reach certain audiences. However, I foud that his use of the lemonade stands was even more interesting than that. It's amazing how an idea that's so simple and seems so silly, would actually work. Just goes to show that he was really thinking about what people might want that he could provide in order to get their attention.


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