Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 11 - in-class excercise

Cantwell's first impression on me was that she was not against the Iraq War. As a Demorcratic incumbent, that struck me as strange. McGavick's first impression was that he was a rich guy with little political background.

There does not seem to be much interaction on either candidate's website. There are ways to join email lists, send emails, and, of course, donate money, but there are no blog posts or ways of two-way interaction. Neither site seems particularly user-friendly.

The Iraq War is an important topic and it is much easier to find McGavick's position on the issue than Cantwell's. McGavick's site has a whole section titled, "Issues" where he shows what side he supports on critical topics. Cantwell's page does not have such a clear section detailing her position on those crucial issues. McGavick certainly makes his political stance more clear than Cantwell does.

I trust McGavick more because he seems to be coming out with what he believes. Cantwell is not quite as clear with her opinions. Does this mean I support McGavick over Cantwell? Certainly not. Though McGavick's website is more inviting than Cantwell's.


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