Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Final Response

The most important thing I learned was the abundance of some new forms of communication, primarily blogs. I thought we had some very good discussions on the blogosphere and we were able to look at some local ones through the second assignment. Also, searching Technorati was interesting. Being able to see what others are talking about is pretty cool.

I would like to have looked a bit more as to where technology might go. We certainly explored emerging technologies, but to see what this would mean for certain jobs and industries would have been interesting. Though I think we did a pretty good job at studying a wide variety of new media.

I didn't find the online politics to be very interesting. It could just be that I'm not into politics as much as most people, but I thought the articles and discussions were relatively obvious. However, online politics is something that will be showing up more and more, so perhaps it is good we discussed it.


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